Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fenwick Wine Cellars- West Fenwick, DE

I can't say enough good things about Fenwick Wine Cellars. Rob and I both love their wine. Their wine is the only kind of wine we get for our house now. How did we find out about Fenwick Wine Cellar? Well when Rob and I were dating we decided to going wine tasting one weekend. Fenwick Wine Cellar was one of the places we went to taste wine and we both fell in love with their wines. They let you try all of them, which allows you to decide what kind you really like. We have taken Rob's parents and my parents both to Fenwick Wine Cellars and they also loved the wine.
Our all time favorite wine they make is Niagara. It is a sweet white wine. They describe it as "Sweet intense varietal character. Imagine biting into a bunch of freshly picked Niagara grapes". I believe that this is one of the best wines I have ever had.

Fredonia wine is our second favorite wine. It is a red wine, but it is still sweet. I prefer sweet wines so this was a great red wine for me. Fenwick Wine Cellars describes this wine as "If you like red wines that are a little sweet and fruity, you’ll love Fenwick Wine Cellars Fredonia wine. This award winning wind is made with 100% Fredonia grapes, complements a variety of foods, including red meat, pasta or pizza."

  These are our other favorite wines: Concord, Reflections of Fenwick, and Steuben. Fenwick Wine Cellars is a must visit if you live in DE, MD, or are even on vacation at the shore.

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